Janie Renée
Janie Renée’s music is an unconventional and timeless collection of jazz-flavored pieces, each nestled in its particular cachet.

Her performance is alternately infused with candor and fire, with softness and veracity in every nuance possible: one senses the distinct energy and power beneath each song in her effective and honest delivery.

L’Éden est un Bazar

Well, Janie reminds us that perception is in the eye of the beholder and that truth can only be interpreted through that lens. Is Eden really a paradise and could it be chaotic all the same? Her pen translates a boisterous sense of humour and a blend of artful poetry, and makes words dance around the syncopations of jazz. Her marked preference for Latin rhythms shines through although we sense she avoids being pinned into one particular style or another.

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CD L'Éden est un Bazar by Janie Renée