Marc Lalonde comments the new album


For over 20 years, Marc Lalonde, has reviewed, listened, critiqued albums from all over Canada and he shares his discoveries with listeners of Can-Rock, and on the Centrart Blogs.  Radio anchor for Vague FM (Penetanguishene en Ontario), he published the following review of my album:

Janie Renée a Petite Vallée 2014 (c) Michel Parent

Janie Renée a Petite Vallée 2014 (c) Michel Parent

“The singer-songwriter Janie Renée proposes a second opus, L’ÉDEN EST UN BAZAR.  Always treading on jazz, she flirts with Latin colors this time.  L’ÉDEN EST UN BAZAR is a generous album with 13 songs to serenade your ears.

You won’t be able to resist, with the first chords of the first tune J’AI DÛ; it’s the strength of the brass section and the rhythm of the percussion that captivates. On the other hand, Janie Renée offers a well-controlled performance and we can feel she’s having fun. No matter which tune you’ll pick on this album, her writing is amazing, she finds the exact words to deliver exactly what she wants, as light or as deep as her intent goes…  Brass, piano, guitars, voices; the arrangements are weapons of massive seduction.  With L’ÉDEN EST UN BAZAR, the singer-songwriter Janie Renée sways you in an exotic infused jazz universe.  L’ÉDEN EST UN BAZAR, is an album where you can escape south in a paradise, where falling in love is a prerequisite…”


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